works about the photographic techniques, analogue and digital

"Die Arbeit mit der Fotografie als künstlerisches Ausdrucksmittel führt mich zu Experimenten, die vorrangig die technischen Grenzen und die Entwicklungen in der Fotografie zu diskutieren suchen. Dies sind hybride Vorgänge aus analoger bzw. digitaler Bildentstehung und -verarbeitung, die in den künstlerischen Arbeiten zu neu konstruierten Verfahren verschmelzen."


"Working with photography leads me to experiments that primarily seek to discuss the technical limits and developments in photography. Processes of analog or digital techniques and image processing merge into new hybride processes."


Brüche, 2021

LED-lightbox with a set of slides

incl. original x-ray and original film negative

306 x 306 x 100 mm

(unique piece)

A x-ray and an analogue film negative were digitally composed, and finally presented as slides.

Handmade book Set

REPLICA (2023)

set of four flipbooks in a black box with yellow linen

~273 x 175 x 75 mm

each 31 pages / 27 images

ed. 2 + 1AP

A photo was digitally photographed and produced on photo paper again and again over the years of 2020 to 2023. The steps of change are presented in flipbooks.